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Remigailo-021_smallDr. Remigailo and his staff work together to put patients first, ensuring that each person is treated in a friendly, professional manner. The team is committed to serving others, starting with patients in the practice and extending to less-fortunate individuals in the Atlanta area and around the world.


While dental health is not difficult to preserve in most circumstances, dental decay and gum disease remain all too common, and increase the risk of such life-threatening conditions as heart disease and stroke. The worldwide need for dental services among low-income individuals and families is particularly acute, impacting not only their dental wellbeing but also their overall health.



Eager to do his part to help, Dr. Remigailo regularly donates his time to metro Atlanta’s Good Samaritan Health Center Dental Clinic and overseas medical mission efforts. He counts it a great blessing to be able to make a difference in the lives of people who might not otherwise have access to dental care.


Additionally, Dr. Remigailo and the Tooth Fairy (his wife Eleanor) conduct fun and interactive educational programs for local elementary schools each year. They promote good dental health by demonstrating proper brushing and flossing technique and emphasizing the importance of making good choices when picking snack foods.

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