Dental Implants

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry and improved the quality of life for countless patients by permanently replacing missing teeth. Of all the treatment options available now, implants are the closest you can come to replacing a natural tooth. An implant is a metal post planted below the gum tissue into the bone to simulate the root of a tooth. After the implant fuses to the bone in your jaw, a crown is attached to the metal root to permanently replace the lost tooth. If multiple teeth are missing, implants can also be used to support a bridge or to provide stability for a partial or complete denture.

Implants offer many benefits:

  • Restoring your natural chewing function so you can chew the foods you enjoy
  • Creating a beautiful smile
  • Preventing further bone loss in the areas where teeth have been lost
  • The tooth is permanently in place, rather than being removed at night and having unsightly metal clasps
  • The teeth on either side of the space do not have to be altered or cut down to support a bridge