Splint Therapy/Bite guards

When teeth do not come together correctly, patients may develop symptoms such as tooth wear, sensitivity, cracks, loose teeth, broken teeth, sore muscles, painful jaw joints, popping of jaw joint upon opening, and headaches. Dr. Remigailo evaluates the signs and symptoms of occlusal disease and creates study models of your teeth when necessary for further occlusal (bite) analysis. If bite problems exist, splint therapy is often recommended to further diagnose and treat them. This involves making a “bite splint” out of hard acrylic that is designed to fit snugly over either your upper or lower teeth. Wearing the splint helps to relax your jaw muscles and discover where your correct bite should be. Patients with muscle tension and pain often report dramatic relief of their symptoms.

Bite guards are often used for treatment of bruxism (clenching or grinding). Millions of people clench and grind their teeth (often in their sleep) without realizing it. Symptoms of bruxism can include headaches, sore jaw, frequent toothaches, facial pain, worn or cracked teeth or fillings, loose teeth, or earaches. Custom-made bite guards are designed to fit comfortably over your teeth, and are worn at night to prevent the teeth from touching. This protects them from further wear by grinding.